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Learn more about why we need to invest in a system that can deliver clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy so that families and businesses across the United States may benefit from the possibilities it can create.


Energy infrastructure projects provide a tremendous opportunity to support hundreds of thousands of jobs that help Americans provide for their families and inject millions of dollars into our country’s economy, while also protecting our environment. In our recent Energizing Manufacturing Study Investment Heroes Report (IHS) estimates that in 2015 expanded natural gas access meant 1.4 million jobs and put and extra $1,337 in the pocket of the average American family. Additionally, it is estimated that construction spending on natural gas pipelines last year alone contributed $34 billion to our nation’s economy.

Technology & Innovation

Thanks to continuously advancing technology, vast new resources are being discovered across the United States. In fact, estimates show that the U.S. has at least 100 years’ worth of natural gas resources to sustain our domestic energy needs. In fact, the abundance of U.S. natural gas has lowered energy and production costs for manufacturing. We now have the capabilities to meet growing domestic energy needs, but need the corresponding infrastructure to do so. Regardless of which energy resource—conventional or renewable – moving energy efficiently across the country to where it’s needed, requires a modern and highly interconnected transmission system.

Community Benefits

In addition to the people who are directly employed, or saving money on their energy bills, the influx of investment into an area means paychecks that are spent in variety of businesses across communities. An economic report by Econsult Solutions found that Mariner East pipeline projects in Pennsylvania could add $23 million in personal income taxes as well as millions in property taxes and sales taxes – all of which goes back into local communities.

Nevertheless, politics and special interests are hindering progress for critical infrastructure project approvals and bureaucratic red-tape has left our nation devoid of guaranteed safety and continued investment that is desperately needed. A slow and ineffective federal regulatory system is holding back the construction and investment in sorely needed energy infrastructure projects, as a modernized system would result in even greater economic gains. Embracing this reality will create jobs, spur domestic investment, and improve safety.